全国网赌正规平台, 克拉拉姆县最大的雇主, 有各种各样的就业机会吗. We welcome you the opportunity to join our team of highly-trained and experienced staff!

我们提供极好的福利, competitive salaries and an intentional culture that represents respect and appreciation for all of our employees. We are also an eligible employer for Public Service Loan Forgiveness.

Have a question about how to apply for a career with 全国网赌正规平台? 通过电子邮件全国网赌正规平台 jobs@joshwinery.com. 关于一些常见问题的答案, 点击这里.

Discover the Possibilities: Find Your Career in the Pacific Northwest

健康care professionals – from clinicians like doctors, 供应商, 护士, 治疗师, to entry-level support roles – love the 工作 they do at 全国网赌正规平台 in Clallam县. They also get to 工作 and play on the beautiful North Olympic Peninsula in Washington State. Nestled between 奥林匹克国家公园 and the Strait of Juan de Fuca – adventure abounds here. Discover the Possibilities and find your career here: joshwinery.com/careers.




奥林匹克半岛排名第一. 美国9大旅游胜地, 根据….S. 新闻 & 世界报道,原因很容易理解.

从山脉到海岸和森林, 河流和湖泊之间, the Olympic Peninsula is home to diverse natural beauty and countless recreation opportunities.

全国网赌正规平台 offers a robust nurse residency program. The 11-month program ensures a smooth transition to practice for registered nurse graduates. Each nurse resident at 全国网赌正规平台 工作s 1-on-1 with a preceptor for the first 12 weeks of the program.

在项目的前12周之后, nurse residents attend monthly roundtables to discuss topics critical to the transition to practice. Roundtables are offered in several modalities to fulfill each resident’s 工作-balance needs. Resident must attend at least 80 percent of the monthly roundtables.


Your pathway to a rewarding career begins at 全国网赌正规平台.

Whether you have experience 工作ing in healthcare or not, 全国网赌正规平台 offers entry-level career opportunities in a variety of clinical and non-clinical settings. Some positions require only a high school diploma or GED in terms of education; some positions may have additional prerequisites.

OMC supports ongoing education and professional development in a variety of formal and informal career pathways. 许多员工享受成长机会, advancing to different departments and increasing responsibilities.



全国网赌正规平台 供应商 and staff share what makes OMC a great place to 工作.

I love 工作ing at 全国网赌正规平台 because they strive to make improvements for their patients.
——注册会计师Lynette Brown
全国网赌正规平台是我们社区的荣誉. ——马克·费舍尔,医学博士
I 工作 with a great group of team members that have the same goals in mind, to help our patients find the resources they need for their health care. ——詹妮弗·艾兰德
全国网赌正规平台 has been the best employer I’ve ever had for my family. ——奥利维亚·福特注册会计师
You get to challenge yourself in the nursing field, but still get the small-town feel. 那是一个美丽的地方. ——Karla Najera注册会计师
这是一个很棒的工作场所. I’m really thankful they gave me a chance to 工作 here. 我爱这家医院. ——劳瑞·埃尔默注册会计师
From HR to people in my new department, they all had one thing to say - Welcome to the team! ——Kim Beus
全国网赌正规平台 genuinely cares about our patients, 我们的社区, 而辛勤工作的员工,实现了卓越的关怀.
我从来没有在一个让我感到如此支持的地方工作过. ——Michael Perchert-Osuna


家庭健康探访护士s travel far and county-wide to bring patient-centered care directly to individuals in their homes.

“I didn’t know about 家庭健康 and how amazing it was until I actually 工作ed there, 这是我做过的最喜欢的护理工作. 这让我成为了一个更坚强的护士.——Bronwynn Watson注册会计师

“实验室助理” perhaps isn’t a job title that illustrates the whole story of this wide-ranging, critical role within the 劳动atory at 全国网赌正规平台.

“实验室助理的职位是多方面的. This job has allowed me to have conversations with every department, 每个全国网赌正规平台, and I’ve gotten to see the ins and outs [of the hospital].——实验室助理卡莉·莱索

医务室护士协调员s are clinical professionals who play a key role in coordinating patient care.

“帮助解决病人的问题, no matter how big or small gives me a sense of satisfaction that I have made a difference in that patient’s life that day.——注册会计师凯蒂·李

OMC’s ICU/Telemetry unit is a cohesive team that brings together many disciplines to provide advanced critical care to patients with acute medical conditions. It’s a complex and fast-paced environment that offers new challenges every day.

“我从来没有在一个让我感到如此支持的地方工作过.——Michael Perchert-Osuna注册会计师



  • 保险计划
    • 健康,牙科,视力
    • 人寿保险
    • 短期和长期残疾
  • Retirement Programs (Pension Plan, 403(b) and 457(b) Retirement Plans)
  • 带薪休假(假期、节假日)
  • 灵活支出账户
  • 额外福利,例如:
    • 符合资格申请公共服务贷款豁免的雇主
    • 员工援助计划(EAP)
    • 健身俱乐部报销
    • 自助餐厅和意式咖啡吧员工折扣
    • Verizon和AT&T移动套餐折扣


奥林匹克半岛拥有多样的自然美景, from the picturesque coastline of the Pacific Ocean to the rugged peaks of the Olympic Mountains to dense rainforests and crystal-clear lakes. The towns of Port Angeles – home to OMC’s flagship campus – Sequim and Joyce stretch across the majority of the Clallam县 and comprise the hospital’s service area. 我们的地区被自然美景所环绕, with 奥林匹克国家公园 to the south and the Strait of Juan de Fuca to the North.

你是否喜欢徒步旅行, 野营, 钓鱼, 皮划艇或骑自行车, the Olympic Peninsula is home to myriad opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts, 也是一个适合居住的好地方, 工作, 玩耍,养育家庭.

Explore the Olympic Peninsula through the links and videos below.